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Considering Installing Water Filtration for your Home

Considering Installing Water Filtration for your Home


Considering Installing Water Filtration for your home

Hydration is important year ‘round, and bottled water is fine for when you’re on the road or out in the park. But what about in your home? How safe is your tap water? Should you invest in a water filtration system? Do they work? Are they an unnecessary expense? These are just some of the questions our “Good-Clean” plumbers are asked every day.

You Should Consider A Water Filtration System If

  1. You have doubts about safety or reporting accuracy. There is a Consumer Confidence Report generated by the Environmental Protection Agency in July of each year that allows you to check on your community’s local drinking supply. It lists all contaminants and how those levels stack up to their standards of safety. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Are the levels of contamination acceptable – not just to the government – but to ME?” And that’s just the once-per-year report. Don’t forget that levels of safety may vary depending upon the amount of rainfall or the behavior of nearby industries. Also, we have many rural customers who utilize a cistern or well. You should test your water at least annually for nitrates and bacteria. Your Good Clean plumber can help you gauge concerns about potential water issues.
  2. You actually drink a lot of water from the faucet. Yes, the average American household uses about 300 gallons of water per day. But only a scant 17% comes through faucets and 1% of that is being sucked down as drinking water. The remainder is used for cooking, baths, showers, doing laundry, washing dishes, watering the yard – and the biggest splash? Flushing the toilets. When you look at the stats of water usage, more water is wasted through leaks than used for drinking! For that reason, unless you live near a fracking facility, getting a whole-house water filtration system is probably, “money down the drain.” Although, there is an argument to be made for filtration in some households…
  3. You have a family member with a compromised immune system. Illness or medical treatments can weaken the human body to the point where even water deemed safe by anyone

else’s standards may prove risky for someone else’s loved one. Chlorine-based disinfectants used by city water-treatment centers are sometimes no match for certain resistant parasites, in particular Cryptosporidium. This bugger can be removed by boiling your drinking or cooking water for 60 seconds. However, a point-of-use filter is a simpler solution. Make sure you don’t go cheap, though. Go for a high-quality filter when a loved one’s health is in the balance.

Choosing Your Water Filtration System

At GC Plumbing, we’re not in the business to sell you on products you don’t need, but if you don’t like the taste of your tap water – or you have concerns about its contaminants, we’re here to help guide you to a more informed decision on filtration systems. What’s the goal, here?

  • Better taste?
  • Higher quality water?
  • Protecting an immunocompromised loved one?
  • The incentive to stay better hydrated?

We hope you’ll allow us to weigh in and discuss options with you. Let’s discuss it over a tall glass of water soon! GC means ‘’Good Clean Plumber’’

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