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Common Causes of Water Leaks

Common Causes of Water Leaks


Many homeowners worry about the dangers of a fire breaking out in their home. We’re taught to have smoke detectors spread throughout the home and a fire extinguisher located nearby the kitchen. That’s absolutely a smart thing to do-fires can cause bodily harm and lead to extensive, costly damage to your home. However, water damage can be just as devastating.

Check out some of the most common causes of water leaks, so you can keep a closer watch and protect your home:
⚠️ Untreated clogs
⚠️ Excess water pressure
⚠️ Root intrusion
⚠️ Frozen pipes
⚠️ Pipe corrosion that occurs with age
⚠️ Poor installation techniques

Certainly, water damage won’t hurt you physically, but it can absolutely ruin your home and it can cause tremendous financial loss. In fact, the damage created by toilet’ ’failure’’ averages around $5,500. The most expensive type of toilet failure is broken supply-lines.

I know what you’re saying. What’s a toilet supply line? It’s that little tube that attaches to underside of your toilets. That hose can snap off on its own or crack and spray water everywhere. The damage is worst when no one is home!

In, fact, I’m sharing this with you because situations like this can occur. A homeowner returns from home to find the plastic nut on their upstairs toilet broken while at work. Water is pouring through the ceiling. The damage is far worse. As the water not only damages drywall and flooring; it can also ruin electronics. Even worse, the homeowner could be forced from their home for weeks while the repairs are made.

In some cases, the toilet supply line may be old, or they may just be low quality. The best way to determine if you have a questionable supply line hose is to have a licensed plumber inspect it for you.

Many homeowners think they can replace the supply line hose themselves. What often happens is they over-tighten the plastic nut. By over-tightening, the nut can snap, and a failure may occur and with failure comes the severe water damage. It’s best to leave the work to professional plumbers.

If you’re concerned about your toilet water supply line give GC Plumbing Service a call 512-267-3712 or contact us online. As part of our comprehensive safety inspection, one of our highly trained technicians will evaluate this, as well as all your homes plumbing.

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