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Ask for a Static Test to Assess Your Drain’s Health

Ask for a Static Test to Assess Your Drain’s Health


When it comes to assessing the health of your drain lines and identifying potential issues with them, many realtors and homeowners defer to a simple video inspection – but is this enough? Probably not.

In most cases, a camera inspection only lets you look at the main drain line but not any of the branch lines. This can provide not only an incomplete picture of your system’s overall health but an inaccurate one, too. If you want real peace of mind, your best bet is to conduct a static test to thoroughly examine your property’s drainage system.

A static test is simply when you fill the drain system with water, as a plumbing inspector would do during the construction or remodel of a home. The purpose of the test is to simulate a drain stoppage and identify any leaks that may be occurring in the system. If the test reveals that leaks are present, then you’ve eliminated the unknown.

You should be sure to hire a professional to perform this test for you to analyze the results and provide insight into which – if any – further steps should be taken. Having a professional perform a static test will also ensure that the property’s entire drainage system is working as it should. As we mentioned before, a video inspection may only reveal major problems in the main drain line, but not minor issues that could be affecting any of the branch lines.

Need a Schedule an Appointment?

If you think it’s time to get an expert out to assess your property’s drainage system, get in touch with Good Clean Plumbing. A visual inspection combined with a static test can be the best way to be sure that your home’s drainage systems are working exactly as they should be. If one of our experts discovers a flaw in your system, we can offer solutions to help you repair or remediate the condition of your drainage pipes so you can feel more at ease.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Good Clean Plumbing online or call (833) 963-4738 today.

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