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Are Smart Toilets Worth The Upgrade

Are Smart Toilets Worth The Upgrade


Everything is getting smart these days. We have smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart appliances, and smart toilets? It may seem hard to believe, but just as with everything else, it was only a matter of time before digital technology infiltrated the back corner of your powder room.

Yes, smart toilets are here, which is causing a lot of homeowners to scratch their heads and wonder if this is really where they want to spend their home improvement money: not on better furniture, not on more efficient appliances, but on a toilet? As it turns out, more and more homeowners are saying yes to smart toilets. Are they worth the price, though, and is a smart toilet right for you? Read on.

Cost and Features

Smart toilets are priced from a few hundred dollars, or not much more than a brand new ordinary toilet, to nearly $10,000. Now that’s a costly commode. What you’ll pay depends largely on the features you’re after.

Just about all smart toilets have an automatic flushing feature. This is the big appeal of the product: because you don’t have to touch a handle to flush, it’s more hygienic, and it’s also ideal if you share a living space with people who sometimes forget to flush when they’re done. Most smart toilets also have a water saving feature that uses less water for liquid waste. This is not only better for the planet — it’s great for your water bills.

Cleaning the toilet is an often gross and usually thankless job, but many smart toilets come with a self-cleaning and deodorizing feature. For homeowners who truly hate housework, this feature alone may be enough to convince them to switch to smart. Additionally, some smart toilets offer overflow protection, so that if the toilet is clogged, the flush is disabled. Talk about preventing a mess.

A built-in bidet and dryer are also common in many smart toilet models, which can cut back on how much toilet paper you use. And, for those middle of the night bathroom runs, some smart toilets have a nightlight feature, so you don’t have to switch on any bright lights when nature calls at three in the morning.

Then, there are some extravagant bordering on silly features that may drive up the price of your smart toilet. These include heated seats and foot warmers to keep your buns and toes cozy, and even built-in speakers to play music or podcasts while you (ahem) do your business.

Just a Few Drawbacks

Aside from a potentially high price, the only real drawbacks of installing a smart toilet are related to installing it and powering it. Because many smart toilets need to be connected to a power line, setting it up may cost more and take longer than setting up a standard toilet. Additionally, while a powered toilet may be convenient, it could pose some inconvenience during power outages, and you may see an uptick in your energy bill. Some smart toilets run on batteries instead of plugging into your home’s wiring, but then you’ll need to remember to charge or change the batteries.

Should You Go Smart?

While early adopters probably already have a smart toilet, most homeowners probably wonder if it’s worth getting one. We say it’s definitely worth looking into when you’re ready to tackle your bathroom renovation project. A smart toilet is a fun and useful way to incorporate some new tech into something you have to do multiple times each day anyway, it can save you time and hassle on cleaning, and it might even be a small way to be more environmentally conscious. What’s more, if you don’t go overboard on features, it may not cost you that much more than an old-fashioned toilet.

If you’re in the Lago Vista, Cedar Park, Lake Travis, Marble Falls, or Austin area and you’re interested in installing a new smart toilet, click here to contact us.

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