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3 Plumbing Myths DEBUNKED

3 Plumbing Myths DEBUNKED


When someone says the word myth what is the first thing you think of? Mermaids singing to sailors, leprechauns stealing gold, maybe even unicorns riding off into battle? Well plumbing has myths as well and most people believe them! Here are three plumbing myths DEBUNKED.

#1 Lemons clean garbage disposals

Lemon juice can temporarily disguise any odors coming from your disposal, but contrary to belief turning a lemon rind inside can actually cause damage or clogs. Instead, disconnect your disposal and spray in a soap and warm water mixture. Let the solution sit then scrub with a cleansing brush and rinse with warm water.

#2 You can use hand soap to clean plumbing appliances

We can see why people would believe this claim, but hand soap can actually damage the surface of different types of plumbing fixtures. For example, you can use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to clean any brass fixtures you have but other appliances like toilet bowls should be cleaned with disinfectants in order to kill germs, prevent infections and more.

#3 Plumbing appliances need little to no maintenance

There is a multitude of undetected issues that can cause serious damage to your pipes, sewer line and more. Our Maintenance Protection Program includes checkups twice a year and plumbing evaluations that can detect any issues within your home, keeping you on top of your plumbing system. Waiting will only cost more in the long run so discovering any inconsistencies will save you a pretty penny.

Here at Good Clean Plumbing we want to help keep these myths a thing of the past. For more information on our Maintenance Protection Program or any future plumbing needs call us at (833) 963-4785.

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