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Homeowner Hacks: Take Advantage of Your Plumbing Inspections

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Have you ever witness (or experienced) a plumbing emergency? It’s not pretty. Maintaining your plumbing is an expensive, life-interrupted hassle… if you’re doing it the wrong wayHere are three clever ways to better manage your home through plumbing inspections.

Homeowner Hack #1: Postpone Your Crisis

Many homeowners wait till they have a plumbing emergency before they have their system inspected, which is completely understandable. As long as the water is running, it’s easy to forget about your plumbing. Just because your system is functioning however, doesn’t mean that it’s not experiencing subtle problems. If you’ve gone two or three years without any noticeable issues with your plumbing, schedule an inspection anyway. You’ll be amazed at how many expensive, damaging emergencies you’ll avoid in the long run.

Homeowner Hack #2: Start Planning Now

Think about it. You have a trained, experienced professional in your home already. Don’t wait until your water heater is about to burst to start considering replacements. Start asking questions about your options now, and you can begin saving money for a better (more energy efficient) replacement later. If it helps you, write down a list of your major appliances with their expiration dates to help you plan ahead.

Homeowner Hack #3: Find a Second Opinion

You never have to take professional recommendations at face value. Getting a second opinion, particularly after you get an expensive or questionable recommendation, is a smart practice. You will at the very least receive confirmation on the correct course of action, but you just might discover a much cheaper solution to your plumbing problem.

Follow these three homeowner tips during future plumbing inspections, and you’ll be amazed at the savings! For more information on homeowner best practices, or to schedule a plumbing inspection, feel free to call our team at (512) 267-3712

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